Candle Fragrances of Christmas Advent Candle

Enjoy a variety of Christmas Fragrances and types of candles (tea-lights, 4 ounce, 6 ounce, etc) as you prepare for christmas. Choose between a 6 day Mini Advent Calender, 12 day Fragrace of the Season Advent Calender, and 24 day Christmas Journey Advent Calender.

For instance: the 6 day will include 1 4 tea light pack, 2 4 ounce candles, 1 5 ounce candle, 1 6 ounce candle, and 1 8 ounce candle. 
Each candle will be wrapped for you to open throughout the season. A perfect gift for yourself or your candle loving friends and family. Is this a gift? Note it's a gift in check out!
Calendar Type

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